Soft Cabs designed for mini loader users who value work comfort in bad weather

Soft Cabs designed for mini loader users who value work comfort in bad weather

Soft cabin protects you from bad outside condition so you can do your work

Antisnow protection

Antirain protection

Antiwind protection

Anticold protection

We have a soft cabin for every AVANT mini loader model!

See how easy it is to set up the SoftCab for your Avant!

Amazing features and utility to make your work more comfortable!

certified windSCREEN

The front windshield has high visibility and it’s easy to mount using 4 fixing elements.


3 side windscreen made of PC is a great cover from the bad conditions and it is fast to mount.

solid & Easy to use setup

No tools needed whenever you want to assemble or disassemble your soft cab.

Zip opened door

Keep it closed when the weather is bad or keep it open when needed.

WIPER with engine

Electric wiper will always keep windscreen clean to increase visibility.

Wiper engine cable

Jus plug in the cable to make the wiper work! No tools or technical skills needed!

A message from our manager

Soft cabins were designed for mini loader users who value work comfort. We made sure that assembly is fast and simple, knowing it will take place in various conditions. We chose high quality materials to ensure the best value for customers.

The certified windshield, coupled with windshield wipers, guarantees the best solution. We took advantage of the light loader existing roof to pare down the number of parts.

The back and side walls are made of PCV. The parts that assure good visibility in the cabin are made of highly transparent 1 mm polyester.

We used YKK zippers to enable fast and easy getting in and out of the cabin. There is an option to roll up the side walls if the user has to move in and out frequently.

One of the best features of this cabin, in addition to improving work comfort, is its rapid setup and dismantling.

What Our Clients Are Saying


For the last two decades we had been serving for the landscaping and gardening sector, selling – with great success – loaders in Western Poland.

Project Soft Cabs was developed after a thorough analysis of customers’ needs, with the aim to improve their work comfort under any conditions. Several years of design and tests produced a line of seventeen different models of these cabins fitting various types AVANT loaders.